how to pick the right low acid coffeeToday, many brands are coming out with advertised acid free and low acid coffees. It seems that every time I walk into the local health food store or a nearby co-op, new low acid coffee brands appear each time. It can be difficult to discern which are “here today, gone tomorrow” and which are reliable companies that will deliver into the future.

There have been many complaints about low acid coffee companies because of their inability to deliver a consistent product from bag to bag. This is a common problem for smaller coffee sellers because they cannot guarantee the quality of the beans they source. Heck, they might be mixing and packaging beans from multiple countries and different roasts into one bag!

That is why I took a look into some of the companies behind familiar low acid coffee brands.

Puroast Specialty Coffee

Puroast Coffee

Puroast is a coffee company dedicated to providing low acidity coffee that tastes great. They are located in Northern California and have been selling their unique coffee products using a Venezuelan roasting style for more than 6 years. In fact, the inspiration for the company came during a trip by the founder, Kerry Sachs, while on a trip deep into the Venezuelan foothills. He discovered the slow roast over a wooden fire technique used by Venezuelan farmers for generations and knew he had to bring this to the US. Read more about the Puroast story here.

They did not know they had stumbled upon a stomach friendly coffee until customers kept telling them how much better they felt after drinking Puroast coffee. The result is a cup of coffee with 70% less acid and increased levels of antioxidants to boot!

Check out all the different coffees from Puroast, low acid coffee specialist.


Hevla coffee logo

Hevla Coffee Company

Hevla has been on the low acid coffee scene for more than 10 years. ┬áIt specializes in providing lots of variety in regular, flavored, and decaf coffees that don’t leave you doubled over with heart burn. Out of Colorado, they have great service and even provide fresh roasted coffee by special order.

Hevla’s production process centers around steaming the beans before roasting which results in coffees that are easier on your stomach. This process removes the bean’s waxy outer layer which emits acidic elements during normal roasting processes. It is an added step that not many companies take due to the difficulty of getting it just right. Hevla has perfected this process and the result is a low acid coffee that retains its original flavor.

Search for regular or decaf coffees from Hevla Cofffee Company.


Healthwise Logo


Healthwise is a niche provider of low acid coffees. Headquartered in Deer Park, Illinois, it offers both retail and wholesale quantities in its signature cans for its coffee made from 100% Colombian Supremo Arabica beans. In addition to their regular, decaf, and espresso coffees, they offer a Supremo Organic certified under the USDA Organic label.

Heathwise has patented and trademarked their unique roasting process called TechnoRoasting. This secret roasting process effectively removes the acidic compounds while retaining the flavor of the beans. Their coffees are higher in yield meaning that less ground coffee will produce more cups. Healthwise coffee also has the distinction of retaining its flavor much longer than even normal coffees.

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Simpatico coffee logo

Simpatico Coffee

Simpatico Coffee is the new kid on the block but getting lots of great feedback from its growing base of low acid coffee fans. It gained special recognition from Coffee Review when put up against other low acid coffees in its class.

Simpatico, meaning nice in Spanish, sets out to be a conscientious company for both the environmental and the customer. They put a lot of effort into providing eco-friendly coffee sourced from regions that produce shade-grown coffee. Green is built into their corporate culture from bean procurement all the way down to packaging. They currently have two locations open in Michigan and sell through retailers in the area.

Check out award-winning Simpatico Coffee.

Some of the larger coffee companies also feature lower in acidity options, most notably Folgers Simply Smooth, but those companies need no introduction.

For a guide to the best coffees in the low acid category, our homepage has a great table.

Hopefully this helped you get a better understanding of what these smaller, low acid coffee brands are all about. If you have any other ones to recommend, let us know in the comments below.