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My Story

My name is Rob and I have been a long time coffee lover since discovering it while working on construction job sites as a teenager. Mid-morning coffee break became a highlight of the job, providing a flavorful caffeine boost that carried me through the day.

My love affair with coffee continued into college when an added unhealthy diet of pizza, cafeteria food, and other fast food spiked the pH levels in my system causing severe acid indigestion.

The heartburn got so bad that my doctor prescribed a potent heartburn medicine.  After reading this NPR article, however, I was shocked to learn that these medicines can cause even more heartburn! I quickly weened myself off by using over the counter alternatives and eventually no medicine at all. But I still could not drink coffee.

Refusing to give up, I set out to find a coffee that I could enjoy without the burning side effects. This desperate search eventually led me to the life-saving, and lesser known low acid and healthy coffees.

Since changing over to low acid coffees, I have not taken any medicine for my heartburn in over 2 years. If you can’t imagine your life without coffee, then you need to try these stomach friendly coffees.

Stay Healthy

The key point is to stay healthy. By addressing the discomfort coffee creates in your system, your body can return to balance allowing you to enjoy life to its fullest. I have been drinking my daily cup of coffee for years and want you to be able to do the same. Everyone will be different but I hope after trying coffees lower in acidity you too will have a calm stomach.

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